Rotterdam is a young, dynamic global city, continuously renewing itself at a rapid rate. Sparkling skyscrapers, an impressive port, trendy restaurants and food markets, renowned museums and awesome festivals are the direct result of the can-do mentality of the Rotterdammers. Add to that the many extraordinary attractions and city tours by bike, bus, boat or on foot and you understand why Lonely Planet declared Rotterdam as one of the top cities in the world for travellers in 2016. Other international accolades include a top 5 most hospital city worldwide in 2017 (Travelbird) and top 10 city of the future 2018/2019 (Financial Times)


Travel to the netherlands

The Netherlands is increasingly being recognised as a sustainable travel destination.  For visitors wishing to ensure they have a positive impact while they travel, the Netherlands stands out as a destination that offers these possibilities. The Netherlands is a centrally located hub for European Travel especially for train travel. 

TRAVELLING BY airplane: important information about schiphol airport!

Are you flying from Schiphol soon? Travel efficiently and with as little baggage as possible. If you travel with checked baggage, it’s helpful if you put all of your hand baggage belongings in there. Are you only travelling with hand baggage? Then we kindly ask you to only bring one piece of baggage with you and to leave your carry-on at home.

We understand that given the crowds at the airport you would like to arrive at Schiphol well ahead of time. Please consider that you are only welcome at the departure hall 4 hours before your flight. This way you help us spread out the crowds better and stimulate a smooth flow around the check-in desks and the security control.

Are you earlier at the airport? Then you can wait inside Schiphol Plaza until you can enter the departure hall. We advise you to use public transport to come to the airport, you can then arrive directly at Schiphol Plaza

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Travelling by train is the most sustainable way: Travelling by train to Rotterdam 

Compared to air travel, travelling by train emits far fewer greenhouse gases, so you protect the environment more. In fact, compared with other means of transportation such as cars, travelling by train seems to be one of the best sustainable travel alternatives.

CO2 compensation for your flight; Travelling by aeroplane to The Netherlands

The travelling consumer is now starting to get more attention for his holiday-footprint. In 2020, 1 in 1000 travellers opted to voluntarily compensate for their CO2 from flying. A good start, let’s make a real big difference. The easiest option is to offset directly with the airline when you book your flight. You just pay an extra fee on top of the flight cost which is donated to a carbon offset scheme. There are several websites that can calculate your Carbon Footprint. The best ones are  and for the Dutch market its and we also like Trees for All, who basically help restore forests. These websites let you calculate your usage, but also give you an opportunity to compensate by bringing it back into balance

Charging stations for electric cars in Rotterdam; Travelling by car to Rotterdam

Want to travel by car to Rotterdam? Rotterdam has more than 1750 electric charging stations throughout the city including charging stations at the venue AHOY. Charging stations in Rotterdam for electric cars (

Instructions for using the charging hub.

  • The parking spots indicated with a cross, the charging icon and the corresponding traffic sign are only intended for electric vehicles that are charging.
  • The parking spots without any markings are intended for all vehicles but are also equipped with a working charging point.
  • Follow the instructions on the charging station to start and stop charging the electric vehicle.
  • You can also pay without a charge card, via the apps ‘Laadpaal app’ or ‘Last Mile Solutions’.
  • Is your electric vehicle fully charged? We kindly request you to move your vehicle to another parking spot so someone else can charge their car.
  • Attention: For all parking spaces there is paid parking.

The website with information about parking at Ahoy is Accessibility – Rotterdam Ahoy


Travel in the Netherlands

Public transport;
a cheap and sustainable option

The OV-chipkaart is the payment method for public transport in the Netherlands. If you carry an OV-chipkaart with you, you no longer need to think about strip tickets or metro tickets. You load credit onto the card in Euro or add a travel product, such as a single journey, a monthly pass for commuting or a season ticket. We advise our delegates to purchase an anonymous OV-chipkaart. This OV-chipkaart is  especially for people who occasionally  use public transport or do not wish to share your personal details. An anonymous OV-chipkaart can be purchased:

  • at sales devices in stations
  • at various newsagents (such as Primera)
  • at various supermarkets
  • at some Bruna shops
  • at OVshop, the Chipbizz webshop (new window)
  • at a public transport company’s counter

Find a sales point nearby 

More information on how to travel with the OV-chipkaart can be found here

Travel in Rotterdam


Sustainable delegate experience in Rotterdam;  Traveling within the city of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known as one of the most sustainable cities. In recent years, this city has made enormous progress in terms of sustainability. Rotterdam has a compact and easily accessible city centre. Downtown Rotterdam offers a wide variety of hotels and social venues that are all close by, mostly within walking distance.

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The suggested venues for the EURobotics Forum  (Rotterdam AHOY Conference Centre and Cruise Terminal Rotterdam) have sufficient hotels in the vicinity, mostly within walking distance or easily accessible by public transport. This allows our delegates to easily go back and forth during the conference.
There are four metro lines  running through the city centre and all suggested hotels are positioned near a station.

The station to get out for venue Rotterdam AHOY Convention Center is Zuidplein

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Other (sustainable) transport options such as electric bus, shared bike, shared  Moped or our famous water taxi are available to visit the city. 


Rotterdam has a compact and easily accessible city centre. Downtown Rotterdam offers a wide variety of hotels that offer an excellent price-quality ratio with over 8,000 bedrooms in 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels, plus hostels. The Rotterdam AHOY Convention Centre  for the EU Robotics Forum has sufficient hotels in the vicinity within 7 minutes  by subway.

Green Key Hotels; Staying in Rotterdam The “Green Key” eco-label is awarded to accommodations operating in a sustainable way, with respect to, for example, energy usage and technology. Almost a hundred hotels in Rotterdam have received this key. In fact, most of the hotels in this city use green energy, such as wind, and have installed a green roof with vegetation. All Green Key Hotels in Rotterdam can be found here.

The attached PDF contains information about accomodation in Rotterdam

About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a young, dynamic global city, continuously renewing itself at a rapid rate. Sparkling skyscrapers, an impressive port, trendy restaurants and food markets, renowned  museums and awesome festivals are the direct result of the can-do mentality of the Rotterdammers. Add to that the many extraordinary attractions and city tours by bike, bus, boat or on foot and you understand why Lonely Planet declared Rotterdam as one of the top cities in the world for travellers in 2016. Other international accolades include a top 5 most hospital city worldwide in 2017 (Travelbird) and top 10 city of the future 2018/2019 (Financial Times)


Full of energy and innovation, Rotterdam reinvented itself after the bombing of the Second World War. It broke with the past and chose modern architecture. The motto: light, air and space, was ground breaking for that time. Rotterdam still embraces experimentation: almost anything is possible. Here, you are constantly surprised by new initiatives: from a rooftop city farm to a music festival in the harbour, from an exclusive rooftop bar to a brewery in an old warehouse.

Sustainable Rotterdam

Rotterdam has created an environment where the local government, business industry and knowledge institutions work successfully and closely together on a sustainable future. 

 The port of Rotterdam collaborates with stakeholders in and around the port to solve sustainability challenges when developing the port. Together, they aim at creating economic and social value and realise sustainable growth. Read more here



The Rotterdam Climate Agreement was signed in 2019 by the city’s government and more than 100 companies and organisations progressing towards a fully circular society and climate-neutral city by 2050. It has almost 50 new measures to reduce greenhouse gases and stimulate a CO2-free economy.

City of architecture

If you love architecture then a visit to Rotterdam – with its patchwork of architectural styles – is a must. Icons of the Nieuwe Bouwen era stand beside the typical reconstruction-architecture from the sixties, seventies and eighties. They clash cheerfully with the hypermodern landmarks that have been built in recent decennia: the ErasmusbrugRotterdam Central StationDe Rotterdam, the Timmerhuis and of course the Markthal. In the first indoor market hall in the Netherlands, you can find nearly 100 fresh produce stalls, about 15 food shops and many restaurants If you look up you will see the biggest artwork in the Netherlands, the wall painting the Horn of Plenty.

Port city

As a port city, Rotterdam has unbreakable ties to the water, from the Maas River that flows right through the city to the many (historic) city harbours like Delfshaven. The city flows – courtesy of the Maas – seamlessly over into its industrial port that stretches for 40 kilometres to the Maasvlakte 2 and Hoek van Holland.

In short

In short, Rotterdam has an incredible variety of fun things to do for visitors of all ages. Sailing through the port, visiting attractions, admiring the architecture, looking at artshopping, a night on the town… On this website, you will find many tips to ensure your stay in Rotterdam is as enjoyable as possible.


Rotterdam Ahoy, who  celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021, is Host Venue for the European Robotics Forum 2022

For almost 50 years, Rotterdam Ahoy has been the stage for live communication, business and entertainment. In 2020 a brand new Convention Centre has been added to the original congress and meeting centre, exhibition halls and  Ahoy Arena. Since 1971, the venue has been proud host of numerous large-scale events such as the Eurovision Song festival. The venue offers state-of-the-art facilities and world-class service with room to grow & room to meet safely. Rotterdam Ahoy offers free of charge, super-fast WIFI using the “High End” WIFI access points of Extreme Network, known worldwide for stable and fast WIFI networks


Rotterdam Ahoy a Sustainability choice

As Rotterdam Ahoy we live in the present but we’re always looking ahead – towards the future, a sustainable future. A future in a healthy, attractive, green city. Where coming generations can also enjoy the fine things we have to offer. When it comes to sustainability, you can’t realise all your ambitions on your own. Rotterdam Ahoy is working together with its partners and stakeholders in a range of projects to build a better future.

We are part of the EU-project Ruggedised and we invest in sustainable solutions in our current accommodation and our new Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre. Are you curious about the total amount of solutions within our organisation? Please check our document ‘Rotterdam Ahoy – for a sustainable future’.

Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam

Metrostation Zuidplein

The attached PDF contains information about the venue Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre

The attached PDF contains information about the venue Rotterdam Ahoy, a sustainable choice.

General Information


Dutch is the official language. However, most (if not all) banks, hotels, airline offices, shops, and key visitor attractions have multilingual staff.

The official language of the European Robotics Forum is English. All program items will be in English. Simultaneous translation will not be available.


The organization of the European Robotics Forum cannot be held liable for personal accidents, loss of or damage to private property of the conference participants and accompanying persons either during, or directly arising from the European Robotics Forum. Participants should make their own arrangements for health and travel insurance.

Medical Insurance

Visitors are not covered by Dutch health insurance plans. Check with your personal medical plan before leaving your home country to ensure you have adequate travel insurance.



June in The netherlands can be very pleasant with average afternoon highs of 19°C (66°F) and usual temperatures reaching 15°C (59F), compared to July, which has average high and low temperatures of around 13°C-21°C. 

Overnight low average temperatures also begin to pick up, at 11°C (52°F). Bring light and comfortable clothing, but make allowances for the evenings, which are still chilly.


Rainfall is on the rise in June with the occasional thunderstorm mixed in as well. Rainfall amounts throughout the month average out to approximately 60-70mm spread out over an average of 9 wet days, which does minimize your risk of encountering any wet weather.

Average Sunshine Hours

Average daily sunshine peaks at this time of year with 11 hours so this a good time to visit the city. June is also when many begin to head back to the local beaches as the sea temperatures begin to climb and averages 14°C, an improvement on May

You can check the forecast here.

Currency, Banking, ATM & Credit Cards

The currency is the Euro. Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and at foreign currency exchange offices either at the Airport or at other locations throughout the city.

Bank debit or credit cards are the most convenient means of getting cash at the many Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs). ATMs are spread throughout the city and accept cards with the Interac, Plus, Cirrus, Visa, and Mastercard networks. Most are in operation 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Most businesses accept U.S. currency and traveler’s cheque, as well as all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and (to a lesser extent) American Express).

At Rotterdam Central Station (train) you can find a GWK office that has different foreign currencies available.

Sales Taxes

Dutch VAT rates are based on the European Union’s VAT Directive. All EU member states must adhere to the Directive, and the standard VAT rate must be 15% or higher. In the Netherlands, the standard VAT rate is 21% on goods and 6% on food and non-alcoholic drinks.


The power supply in the Netherlands is 230 volts. To be more specific: 220-240 volts AC (Alternating Current), 50-60 hertz. The same voltage is used over the rest of Europe.

Time Zone

The Netherlands has 2 time zones. The country’s European mainland, including the capital Amsterdam, observes Central European Time (CET; October 31st 2021 – March 26th 2022) as standard time. When Daylight Saving Time is in force, Central European Summer Time (CEST; March 27th – October 30th 2022) is observed.

Useful Links and Maps

The Rotterdam official website and the Official tourist site of the Netherlands contain up-to-date tourist information including public transport information and maps.


Tourists and travellers from foreign countries can travel to the Netherlands. Check the latest information on risk from COVID-19 for the Netherlands and know which corona rules apply per country and area when traveling to The Netherlands see the website for further advice on travel and reducing spread of respiratory viruses during the COVID-19 pandemic.