ERF 2022 Programme

Programme 27 June:

Mon 27 JUNEFor ERF participantsFor euRobotics members
13.30 – 17.00Registration European Robotics ForumRegistration for euRobotics General Assembly
14.00 – 17.30 euRobotics General Assembly* AHOY Convention Center Rotterdam
17.00 – 19:00Industry /Exhibition & Sponsors Networking Reception**at the Executive Lounge in AHOY Convention Center Rotterdam  by sponsor Pal-RoboticseuRobotics members who have particpated in the General Assembly are welcome at the Industry /Exhibition & Sponsors Networking Reception at the Executive Lounge in AHOY Convention Center Rotterdam
 18.00 – 18.15: Official opening
19:00End Industry /Exhibition & Sponsors Networking Reception

*   Only for euRobotics members

Industry /Exhibition & Sponsors Networking Reception is open to Sponsors and Exhibitor from the European Robotics Forum and for their invitees. Each sponsor/ exhibitor will receive a number of free tickets to  distribute among their own network. 

Programme 28 June:

07:00 – 08:30

Live Health session Total Body Strength
@ AHOY Convention Center Rotterdam Our Total Body Strength class focuses on building strength physically, mentally and creatively. No equipment is required. This class is provided to you by our Health Sponsor, Intrinsic.
Meeting ID: 81984276111 Password: 628646 .  

08:30 – 09:50
Robotics and AI / DATA
Automomy /collaborative and
Regulation and Standardisation
Specific operating environments
Software and Systems
Can a Lab Robot win a Nobel prize? Towards the Nobel Turing ChallengeCloud Robotics: Stepping out of the lab and into the wildTowards transferring robotic technology and innovation to patientsStandardisation in robotics and cognate fields of AI and Big DataOpportunities and challenges of AI in marine roboticsTopicgroup Software & Systems Engineering in Robotics
Radhika GudipatiStratos ArampatzisFrancoise SiepelPaolo BarattiniGabriele FerriChristian Schlegel
09:50 – 10:20COFFEE AND TEA BREAK/POSTER SESSION at the exhibition floor
10:00 – 16:00DOCK 6 (2nd floor) – On-site ERF matchmaking event, hosted by Enterprise Europe Network and euRobotic
10:20 – 11:40
Benchmarking and Competitions
Specific operating environments
Academic Track
The Reluctant Entrepeneur: Why should I start a robotics company?Applying collaborative mobile robots in agricultureRobotic technology leading to better healthcare for allAI & Robotics benchmarking: towards harmonized evaluation strategiesMiniaturised Robotics Forum 2022On Decisional issues for Human-Robot Joint Action
Geoff PegmanKees Lokhorst
Françoise SiepelAgnes DelabordeQuan ZhouRachid Alami
11:40 – 12:00PORT 1 – OFFICIAL OPENING EUROPEAN ROBOTICS FORUM by euRobotics President, Dr. Bernd Liepert & Vice President research /Local chair Stefano Stramigioli
12:00 – 13:00PORT 1 – PLENARY 1 – Sustainable Science related to Climate change; HowRobotics could impact climate change by Joni Rautavuori (CEO Tharsus), Susan Frame (Global Marketing Director at Castrol) and Elinor Doubell (VP Digital Science for BP)
13:00 – 14:20LUNCH at the exhibition floor
14:20 – 15:40
Robotics and AI / Data
Maintenance and Inspection
Academic Track
AI for Agile Automation Adoption – Opportunities and challengesApplication of Robotics in Sustainability and Environmental aspectsTowards social robotics in healthcareFrom one-off deployments to I&M robotics in continuous operationTechTransfer Award pitchesReconfigurable Robots for Soft Interactions
Karol JanikSharath Chandra AkkaladeviMarian HurmuzAksel TransethWerner KrausJamie Paik
15:40 – 16:10COFFEE AND TEA BREAK at the exhibition floor
16:10 – 17:30
Robotics and AI / Data
Specific operating environments
Automomy /collaborative and cloud
PhD award pitchesIndustrial Robots and SustainabilityLevel of autonomy in healthcare robotics – How far should we go?Applied AI in agile production, logistics and lab automationIntelligent Aerial Robotics for Urban Air Mobility and LogisticsTelerobotics – Together Beyond Future Horizons
Gianluca AntonelliJosé SaenzAndrea SchwierMichael SuppaAnibal OlleroDaniel Leidner
17:30 – 18:00
Walk-In ERF Welcome Reception / drinks already available
17:30 – 19:30
ERF Welcome Reception
18:00 – 18:05
Official opening Welcome reception by Sponsor Castrol
18:05 – 18:15
Energizer by Olympier Patrick van Luijk en start Charity Run
Last runners charity run at the finish 

Programme 29 June:

07:00 – 08:00

DOCK 14 – iTanks workshop (including breakfast) on ‘Robotics and occupational safety’

The breakfast session discusses the introduction of new safety legislation for advanced machinery, including robots and cobots. We will briefly discuss the potential implications of the Machine Regulation and the AI regulation and do a quick workshop on safety analysis for a cobot. Then we will have some time for a discussion on the impact of said future legislation.

07:00 – 07:30

Live Health session Yoga Flow @ AHOY Convention Center Rotterdam
Experience balance, strength, and flexibility as you link breath to mindful movement in a sequence of yoga poses. Well-rounded classes infused with core strength, deep stretching, and breath awareness. Our lighthearted teaching style sets the tone for an empowering and joyful experience that will have you step off the mat feeling centered and rejuvenated. This class is provided to you by our Health Sponsor, Intrinsic.
Meeting ID:870 3339 5233 Passcode: 809333

08:30 – 09:50
Benchmarking and Competitions
xxConstruction Robotics – from Start- Ups to ContractorsProgress in reproducibility of robotics research and benchmarkingAI and robotics in agri- food: the present and the future  
xxSigrid Brell-CokcanDiego TorricelliGizem Bozdemir  
08:45 – 09:50PORT 1 – PLENARY 2Self- sustaining networks; Working together to boost competitiveness, societal wellbeing and environmental aspects
09:50 – 10:30
A Future with Avatar robots at the exhibition floor
09:50 – 10:30
Hands on session
Regulation and Standardisation
Funding opportunities
Have you ever touched a robot? Try it out!Social Robots: The Duality of Sustainability and Societal ApplicationsAI and Robotics in Vulnerable Groups. Societal and Ethical IssuesPolicy issues in Robotics for Infrastructure & MaintenanceThe importance of consortium buildingCybersecurity for Robotics
Carlos VivasAmit Kumar PandeySławomir TobisAgnes Delaborde
Christiaan MennesUlrich Seldeslachts
10:30 – 11:00
11:00 – 11:40
A Future with Avatar robots at the exhibition floor
11:00 – 11:40Have you ever touched a robot? Try it out!Social Robots: The Duality of Sustainability and Societal Applications
Software and Systems
Industry experience with healthcare standardsArt-driven Innovation in Robotics (with S+T+ARTS)Cybersecurity for Robotics
Robot software verification as a key for safe and secure applications
Carlos VivasAmit Kumar PandeyMichael RathmairDr. Michael Obach  Miha TursicUlrich Seldeslachts
11:40 – 13:00
Innovation and B2B
Strategic session
Novel applications
Academic Track
DIH-HERO Success Stories of Innovation Coaching and MatchmakingAlliances – 100 days euRobotics – Claire
Getting to know you – AI meets SafetyEarth and beyond: Sustainable Living – Sustaining LifeERF Entrepreneurship AwardLegged mobility on the rise
Maren Bödding José SaenzJuha RöningOliver PedersenMarco Hutter
13:00 – 14:20LUNCH at the exhibition floor
13:45 – 14:15Interactive workshop Origami Making with better Factory at the Exhibition Floor
14:00 – 17:00IMC Weekendschool Kids college
14:20 – 15:20PORT 1 – PLENARY 3 – How Sustainable integration of Technology can lead to future proof adaptation and mitigation in society by Prof.Dr.Ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek (University of Twente) and Martijn Boelens (CTO Lely)
15:20 – 15:50
COFFEE AND TEA BREAK at the exhibition floor
15:50 – 17:10
Automomy /collaborative and cloud
Robotics and AI / Data
Innovation and B2B
Novel applications
Academic Track
Interactive Remote Education of Smart Industrial RobotsApplying Information Modeling for Robotics of Sustainable AgricultureThe need of AI AND RoboticsDIH as driver for innovative experimentation: The RIMA Network caseHumanoid & legged robots: future expectationsInteractive and  environment – aware flying robots 
Sakari PieskäJuha RöningNiki KousiJuan Antonio Pavón LosadaFrancesco FerroRoland Siegwart
18:00 – 18:30
Walk-in ERF Conference Dinner
18:30 – 19:00
Official opening ERF Conference Dinner & Entrepeneur Award, Georges Giralt Ph.D. Award and Technology Transfer Award Ceremony
19:00 – 22:00
ERF Conference Dinner provided by oour Platinum Sponsor Saxion
21:00 – 21:30
Intermezzo between main course and dessert by Matt Parker. Hand over cheque with amount Charity Run for IMC Weekendschool.
22:00 – 00:00
ERF2022 After Party

Programme 30 June:

07:00 – 07:30Live Health session Total Body Recovery @ AHOY Convention Center Rotterdam
The ultimate tune-up for your body. This class will improve overall joint health and work to alleviate soreness and pain. Join our instructor as they guide you through their proven process to increase range of motion, movement fluidity, and resilience. This class is provided to you by our Health Sponsor, Intrinsic.
Meeting ID: 817 1934 8579  Password: 743274
07:00 – 08:30DOCK 14 – BREAKFAST SESSION: LSH010 breakfast
08:30 – 09:50
Agile Production
Specific operating environments
Innovation and B2B
The drive towards integration of Robot Companions in future societiesMaintenance and Inspection:
Smart drone swarms for enhanced infrastructure inspection (H2020 Drones4Safety project)
Robotics for Sustainability – Manufacturing of Sustainable Robots9th Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems – Part 1Challenges facing robotic autonomy in harsh environment applicationsDIH robotics networks: Success Stories and collaborative approaches
Paolo DarioEmad Samuel Malki EbeidFranziska KirsteinSotiris MakrisLadislav VargovcikMarta Palau Franco
09:50 – 10:20COFFEE AND TEA BREAK/POSTER SESSION at the exhibition floor
10:20 – 11:40
Innovation and B2B
Agile Production
Agile Production
Specific operating environments
Academic Track
DIH robotics networks: lessons learned, impact and the way forwardSustainable Digital Infra Construction RoboticsMobile Manipulators – the Gap between Reality and Expectation9th Workshop on Hybrid Production Systems – Part 2Is there Artificial Intelligence in SPACE (robotics)?Compliance and Oscillations in Robotics – on Bad and Good Vibrations
Maurits Butter Rauno HeikkiläMathias BrandstötterSotiris MakrisMiguel Olivares- MendezAlin Albu-Schäffer
11:40 – 12:40PORT 1  – PLENARY 4Sustainable education: How re- thinking engineering education, quality education and lifelong learning opportunities contribute to sustainable education by Aldert Kamp (Co-director CDIO) and Nico Zimmermann (Head of SICK Sensor Intelligence Academy)
12:40 – 13:50LUNCH at the exhibition floor – exhibition floor open
13:50 – 14:30PORT 1 – ERF Feedback session — Rich Walker 
14:30 – 15:50
Innovation and B2B
Innovation and B2B
Specific operating environments
Academic Track
Sustainability of DIHsOpen Pilot facilities for robotics developmentChallenges in Robotics for Food ProcessingTG-Safety – Challenges and InnvoationsRobotics Technology for Search & Rescue ApplicationsMathematics for Robotics
Andras CzmerkIñaki MaurtuaSteven RossJosé SaenzClaudio PaliottaFrederic Schuller


Programme 1 July:

09:15 – 12:15

Site Visit Lely Farm Schipluiden (registration obligatory).
More information at Programme – European Robotics Forum 2022 (

On-Site ERF Matchmaking

On-Site ERF Matchmaking event

It is our pleasure to invite all participants of the European Robotics Forum (ERF2022) to participate as an attendee in our ERF matchmaking event. This  matchmaking event, hosted by Enterprise Europe Network and euRobotics, will take place on 28 June 2022, the first day of the ERF2022.


The matchmaking platform offers all visitors, delegations ánd exhibitors the possibility to prepare and announce themselves and book other participants for 1:1 meetings. The B2B matchmaking will be on-site on and you have the option to schedule meetings of 20 minutes with counterparts, a unique opportunity for you to make international contacts and to explore new markets.

Date: 28 June 2022
Time: 10.00 AM – 16.00 PM.


Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Center
Meetingroom Dock 6

What can you expect?

  • Meet engineers, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as end-users and policy makers in the field of robotics from all over Europe and beyond to dicsuss initial ideas for collaboration and share experiences;
  • Have 20 minutes pre-scheduled meetings with a variety of participants of your choice;
  • Combination of an international fair, 3-day forum with interactive workshops, Academic contributions and interesting side-events.

How to join?

By registering on this B2Match platform you can pre-schedule meetings with other participants.

B2B Meetings – How does it work?

A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners in face-2-face talks. The talks 20 run fast but it is enough to build first connections before the bell rings and the next talk starts.

1) Registration

  • Register on their website ERF Matchmaking 2022 – Home ( on the green “Register now” button
  • In case you want to publish offers/requests and manage 1:1 meetings on-site read more on their site.

2) Publish a business profile to showcase your needs

Create a clear and concise business profile to raise your visibility on this platform.
Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer to potential partners and who you want to meet.
A good profile will generate significantly more meeting requests. Your profile will be visible before, during and after the event.

3) Browse profiles of attendees

Find out who is offering interesting and promising business opportunities

4) Send & receive meeting requests

Be active not reactive. Browse published participants profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet at the event. Adding a meaningful remark why you are interested in a meeting will increase the chance that your request will be accepted. Accepted meeting requests will be scheduled automatically. Thus you have immediate access to time and location of a meeting.

Social Programme

ERF Industry Networking Reception (Monday 27 June, 2022)

The ERF Industry Networking Reception at ERF2022 allows sponsors and exhibitors to gather and connect with in-person attendees in a relaxed setting. The two-hour-long in-person event will be held from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Monday 27 June 2022 at the Executive Lounge in AHOY Convention Center. The Industry Networking Reception is open on invitation only.  ERF Sponsors and exhibitors have received their free codes in advance to access the ERF Industry Networking Reception and to invite there own business relatives for this reception. Previous to the Industry Networking Reception the exhibitionfloor is open to attendees (from 4:00 PM tot 5:00 PM).

ERF Welcome reception and charity run (Tuesday, 28 June)

ERF 2022 invites you to attend the welcome reception to enjoy our return to face to face meetings, looking forward to be able to be together and chat with colleagues and friends  and relax having nice small bites and delicious drinks. The two-hour-long in-person event will be held from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Tuesday 28 June 2022 at the AHOY  Convention Center.

During the Welcome Reception our sportive colleagues who signed up for the ERF charity run will start their 5KM run for this years charity ‘IMC Weekendschool’. Activated by former Dutch olympic runner Patrick van Luijk, they will enjoy a beautifull track through the Zuiderpark. The Zuiderpark in South Rotterdam is one of the largest city parks in Rotterdam. The park was laid out from 1952 as a utility park and not as an ornamental park. It is an ideal environment for a quiet walk, a bike ride or the ERF2022 Charity Run!

Do you want to participate in the charity run or make a donation for this charity? Please go to our registration page. More information about IMC Weekendschool can be found at IMC Weekend School – Stichting IMC Weekenschool or here.

Conference Networking Dinner, (wednesday, 29 June 2022)

Welcome to Cruise Terminal Rotterdam! A spectacular location for our European Robotics Forum Conference Networking Dinner. The Cruise Terminal is on the Wilhelmina Pier in the Kop van Zuid district. The building was originally the arrivals and departures hall for the Holland America Line steam ships leaving on their transatlantic voyages in days gone by. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants left from here to travel to New York.

This Networking Dinner offers ERF participants an excellent chance to enjoy delicious food in a relaxed setting while getting to know each other, making new connections outside the main conference environment and while having fun!

The conference dinner is lightened up by Matt Parker.  Matthew Thomas Parker is an Australian recreational mathematician, author, comedian, YouTube personality and science communicator. His book Humble Pi was the first maths book in the UK to be a Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller. Parker was the Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow at Queen Mary University of London. He is a former maths teacher and has helped popularise maths via his tours and videos.

The Conference Networking Dinner is followed by the ERF Afterparty. Enjoy good live music and dance the night away with your fellow ERF participants.

This is a ticketed event and there are a limited number of places, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

The European Robotics Forum Conference Networking Dinner starts at 6:30 PM till midnight

The Cruise Terminal  can easily be reached with Public Transport. Take subway line D or E (direct line from Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Center) and access at stop ‘Wilhelminaplein’.


Site visit Lely Farm Schipluiden, Friday 1 July, 2022

At Lely, we aim to provide a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future for farming. Focused on dairy farmers, we create innovative solutions to make our sector future ready. Would you like to see this in real life? We invite you to our farm of the future! At our Lely Farm in Schipluiden, many of our innovations are showcased. Our farm is centered around the cow. The Lely Vector provides the perfect feed for each cow. And thanks to the Lely Astronaut, the cow can decide for herself whenever she would like to give milk. Interested? Our farmer is happy to welcome you and answer all your questions.

Things to take in mind:

  • Please make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • At the farm, cows can be on moving around. Cows are very curious and friendly animals who like to approach you. Always keep your safety in mind!


  • 11.30 Bus departure from Ahoy
  • 12.00 Arrival and welcome at Lely Farm Schipluiden
  • 12.15 Tour Lely Farm
  • 14.15 End of programme and departure back to Ahoy
  • 15.00 Back at Ahoy

Address (for people that will come by car)
Zouteveenseweg 17A, 2636 EG Schipluiden

Public Programme

Stichting IMC Weekendschool

The organization of the European Robotics Forum 2022 have become partners with Stichting IMC Weekendschool. IMC Weekend School offers additional, inspiration based education to children(aged 10-14) from underprivileged neighborhoods. Through their programs they provide students with the skills, knowledge and audacity that are needed to find a place in society that matches their capacities. The contacts created between passionate professionals and students bridge social inequalities, and affect both parties. The IMC Weekendschool program offers a three-year course. Professionals (volunteers) introduce students to a wide range of topics, such as science, journalism, medicine, law, philosophy, the arts, astronomy and entrepreneurship. The curriculum includes training skills such as presentation, research, debate, collaboration, and conflict resolution. It is an education focused on developing an all-rounded character.

Through the curriculum, guest teachers, sponsors and alumni stay connected, and develop professional relationships. During ERF2022 a parallel program will be offered to groups of children from the IMC Weekendschool including visits to the exhibition floor and lectures by guest speakers on Robotics related themes in which we also welcome the ERF participants! IMC will be present with a booth on the exhibition floor for those participants who want to learn more about the concept and the program. The program for IMC Weekendschool will be available online at the ERF website as soon as possible. IMC Weekendschool has also been chosen as charity for the ERF charity run which will take place on Tuesday 28 June at 18.00 hours. Do you want to participate in the charity run or make a donation for this charity? Please go to our registration page. More information about IMC Weekendschool can be found at IMC Weekend School – Stichting IMC Weekenschool or here.

Hackathon - Battle of Institutions!

For the first time within the European Robotics Forum we are having a dedicated space for a Hackaton! Our main goal is to bring the experienced players from the industry closer to the best students from the region while encouraging a friendly competition among different educational institutions.  

General Information

  • The Hackathon – Battle of Institutions takes place during the ERF2022, this is a fully ‘in person’ event where teams work with existing robot hardware brought by the challenge owners.
  • We have 8 teams from different educational institutions. 4 teams will compete in Challenge 1 and the other 4 teams will compete in Challenge 2.
  • Teams can have a minimum of 5 (five) participants and maximum of 8 (eight).
  • Challenge 1 will be brought by Lely and RoboHouse; Challenge 2 will be brought by Franka Emika.
  • Teams have 2 (two) weeks to work the problem themselves, at their own pace. Then, during the ERF 2022, you have 2-3 extra days to implement creative solutions that will come up by interacting and networking with experienced people from the industry. The team that comes up with the most accurate, innovative, scalable and interdisciplinary solution, takes the prize home!


Please contact and based on your institution you will be forward to the group in charge of drafting the team.


15th June
Your team receives your case and you can start working on it immediately.

28th & 29th June
The ERF has started! Time to meet people in the industry who will help bring your solution closer to reality.
During these 2 (two) days teams will have dedicated time-slots to visit the Hackathon Lab where they can test their solutions with the challenge owners’ robots and hardwares.

30th June

08:00Deadline to deliver your solution and stop working on your case.
09.00Each team will have around 15 minutes (TBD) minutes, total, to pitch their idea and demonstrate with the robots in the Hackathon Lab.
12.30Announcement of the winners of each challenge.
12:45The 2 (two) winning teams will have 30 (thirty) additional minutes to further present and demonstrate their solution in more detail.
13:45Announcement of the Hackathon – Battle of Institutions winner.


The ERF 2022 Hackathon – Battle of Institutions was organised by Guilherme Alvarenga, José Ignacio de Alvear Cárdenas, Jan Broenink and Steven van Roon . The challenge’s design was carried out in collaboration with the challenge owners Lely, RoboHouse and Franka Emika.

Hackathon sponsors (Challenge owners)

This Hackathon is powered by:

Frequently Asked Questions

As we are also looking for interdisciplinary solutions, this competition is not only for the tech savvy but for all students. Contact the Team Leader of your institution.

Zero. There is no participation fee.

You need to pay for your transport to Rotterdam and back but you do not need to worry about accommodation. We have arranged one room for each team at the King Kong Hostel; located at one of the busiest streets in Rotterdam.

The King Kong Hostel provides breakfast to all students that are staying there. During the ERF you will also have access to snacks and lunch. Later each day we will also organize something for dinner in the ERF. Any food or drinks outside of what was just mentioned are paid by you.

Yes. The participation certificate will be generated on the last day of the event and you will receive it via your Team Leader.

Your laptop. The Challenge Owners will supply any hardware needed (if needed). The challenges could also be a programming-only challenge.

The Team Leaders are those responsible for drafting the team of your institution. 

Call for late breaking results posters

Deadline Expired

The European Robotics Forum 2022 (ERF2022), the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held from 28 – 30 June 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The ERF2022 covers all aspects and current themes related to the field of robotics. Researchers, engineers, managers, and a growing number of entrepreneurs, business people, and public funding officers from all over Europe come together to discuss technology push and market pull and how innovation in robotics and robotics-related AI can be accelerated.
You are cordially invited to contribute a Late Breaking Results poster to ERF2022. The poster presentation session during the ERF2022 is part of the academic track and is intended to reach out to the broader robotics community.
The submissions are one page in length with a streamlined acceptance-decision process, and they are presented at the ERF2022 as posters. Submissions are neither peer-reviewed nor published. Prospective poster presenters should submit their application before 29-11-2021 23:59h by filling out this registration form.

The European Robotics Forum 2022 (ERF2022), the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held from 22 – 24 March 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The ERF2022 covers all aspects and current themes related to the field of robotics. Researchers, engineers, managers, and a growing number of entrepreneurs, business people, and public funding officers from all over Europe come together to discuss technology push and market pull and how innovation in robotics and robotics-related AI can be accelerated.
You are cordially invited to contribute a Late Breaking Results poster to ERF2022. The poster presentation session during the ERF2022 is part of the academic track and is intended to reach out to the broader robotics community.
The submissions are one page in length with a streamlined acceptance-decision process, and they are presented at the ERF2022 as posters. Submissions are neither peer-reviewed nor published. Prospective poster presenters should submit their application before 29-11-2021 23:59h by filling out this registration form.

Important Dates

All deadlines are 23:59 CET
15-10-2021: Submission is open
15-11-2021: Deadline for submissions of Late Breaking Results (abstracts) Extended deadline 15-04-2022
29-04-2022: Notification of acceptance
17-05-2022: Deadline for final submissions of Late Breaking Results (posters)

Submission Guidelines

Language: English
Paper size: A4
Format: two-column IEEE conference
Abstract length: one (1) page
File format: PDF
Templates: LateX template and MS Word template
To submit, please visit

Accepted presenters will prepare a poster which they will present at the ERF2022. We encourage you to integrate a QR-code to access a video in which your work is explained in more detail. For each poster, one of the authors needs to register for and be present at the ERF2022.

We ask the presenters to be physically at their poster during the first (morning) coffee break of every day.

Accepted presenters will prepare a poster which they will present at the ERF2022. We encourage you to integrate a QR-code to access a video in which your work is explained in more detail. For each poster, one of the authors needs to register for and be present at the ERF2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

This session is to share the latest research in robotics research and development with the community. The submissions undergo a quick review process and are not held to the same standards as full papers.

We ask poster presenters to be physically at their poster during the first (morning) coffee break of every day of the conference. If possible, try to also be there during the second coffee break

One of the authors of each accepted poster is expected to be present at the poster during the entire session.

Yes. At least one author of each accepted poster needs to register for the ERF2022 (Registration without paper).
Please visit the for details.

The poster should describe robotics research or applications that will be of interest to the ERF audience. Posters are not formally peer-reviewed, but normal standards of academic integrity and presentation apply. References should be given to prior work.
Application papers, including projects in education, are welcome.

Yes. If you are proud of your work so far, and your ideas will be of interest to the ERF audience. Posters can be somewhat speculative.

At most 2 posters per registration are allowed.

For additional information, please contact the ERF 2022 program organisation at

The 2022 euRobotics Technology Transfer Award​

The 2022 euRobotics Technology Transfer Award

The 2022 European Robotics Forum ERF will take place in Rotterdam from 28 to 30 June 2022.
The European Robotics Forum is a gathering of representatives of all European robotics stakeholders from industry, research, academia, as well as public and private investors. It aims at facilitating networking between these groups through plenaries, sessions, and workshops.
The euRobotics Technology Transfer Award, now in its 18th edition, is seen as one of the event’s most prominent activities.
Successful technology transfer describes the process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into innovative products, processes, and services by the commercial sector.
Outstanding examples of technology transfer in robot technology and automation that result from cooperative efforts between research and industry are eligible for the prize. The three most outstanding examples of technology transfer will receive signed certificates. The event will be highly visible.

Call 2022

Who can participate?

Applications are invited from individuals or teams from:

  • Industry, if technology transfer has taken place in Europe.
  • Universities, research organizations, or laboratories located in Europe.

A team may be represented by up to three members (individuals) in the application.

Applications may address, but are not limited to the following areas of robot automation:

  • Robot application: Solutions of robot automation, which have contributed to cutting costs, raising quality, enhancing productivity, saving of valuable resources, or have led to a reduction of physical labor at the workplace.
  • Robot development: Research results which have contributed to an innovative and competitive robot system (in any robotics application field).
  • Development of robot components: Results leading to new or improved methods or components, which contribute to robot safety, flexibility, intelligence, operation, acceptance, or servicing of robot systems.

The project must be completed by the application date or no more than 24 months prior to the application date. Should submitted applications do not come up to the required standards of excellence the prize will not be awarded.

The written application should include a summary of the project and its technology transfer not exceeding six pages, setting out:

  • Project title
  • Participants and brief information about their organization
  • Motivation and goals of research and development efforts
  • State of the art
  • Project approach
  • Results of research and development
  • Achieved innovation and commercial impact
  • Handling of intellectual property rights and commercialization
  • Cooperation between research and industry with benefit for the partners

Furthermore, an annex (e.g. project reports, publications, video, dissertation, etc.) may be provided to additionally evidence the project’s soundness and impact.


New deadline: 30 April

The complete application should be sent to by 30 April 2022.

Selection procedure

Submitted applications will be evaluated by a jury consisting of members from industry and academia/research. The finalists will be informed at least two weeks prior to the award ceremony.

Award ceremony

The presentations and the ceremony for the euRobotics Technology Transfer Award 2022 will take place at ERF2022 in Rotterdam. In the “Technology Transfer Session”,currently scheduled on June 28th, each finalist will have 15 min. plus discussion to present their project. Based on both the written application and the presentation, the jury will determine the winners who will be announced during the Award Ceremony.

Download the 2022 TechTransfer Awards call as pdf

Call for 2022 Georges Giralt PhD Award

euRobotics opens its Call for the 2022 Georges Giralt PhD Award

The “Georges Giralt Ph.D. Award” is intended to showcase PhD theses defended during 2021 in European Universities from all areas of robotics. Outstanding theses with strong theoretical contributions, a focus on professional applications or technology transfer, with a high degree of multidisciplinarity, or showing how robotics technologies can be applied to new domains, are eligible for the award.

The award consists in a plaque and the publication of the thesis by Springer in the STAR series. It will be given to the winner(s) on the occasion of the next European Robotics Forum in Rotterdam, Netherlands, from June 28 to 30, 2022.

Please notice:

  • The award covers the solar year but the submission deadline is November, the 30th, 2021. The candidates whose defense is planned in December need to submit as well with an integration of information after the defense.
  • The selection of the finalists will be announced mid-to end-of-February 2022, and these finalists are expected to give a 20 minutes presentation of their research at the European Robotics Forum, since part of the award evaluation will be done on the basis of that oral presentation.
  • The oral presentation is, by default, in person. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case by informing the board.
  • The official date is the viva-voce defense. The finalists will be requested to prove it with a copy of the committee report or a mail from the tutor.
  • The eligible countries corresponds to geographical Europe + associated countries in Horizon Europe funding program. This is the current list of associated countries:
  • Self-candidatures only are accepted.
  • Submissions are done by sending an email to the George Giralt Award Committee phd.award(AT) after filling this form.
  • The pdf thesis file should remain unchanged from the file submitted to the committee.
  • Each finalist will receive financial support for the travel of 500€ + Free ticket to ERF + free ticket to the dinner.

The jury for the Georges Giralt Ph.D. Award consists of members of the euRobotics academic community, their names and former award winners can be found below.


The Georges Giralt PhD Award is a European scientific prize for extraordinary contributions in robotics. It is yearly awarded at the European Robotics Forum by euRobotics AISBL, a non-profit organisation based in Brussels with the objective to turn robotics beneficial for Europe’s economy and society.

Georges Giralt received his PhD in 1958, from the Paul Sabatier University, in the domain of electrical machines, and soon afterwards became a pioneer in robotics, in Europe and worldwide. He was especially instrumental in bringing in scientific foundations and methodology when the domain was still young, and a loose coupling of mechanical and electrical engineering, adopting the early results of automatic control.

The high reputation of the Georges Giralt PhD Award is based on the prominent role of the awarding institution euRobotics. With more than 250 member organisations, euRobotics represents the academic and industrial robotics community in Europe. Moreover, it provides the European robotics community with a legal entity to engage in a public/private partnership with the European Commission.

Entitled for participation for the Georges Giralt PhD Award are all robotics-related dissertations which have been successfully defended at a European university.

The US-American counterpart is the Dick Volz Award.

Call for 2022 Entrepeneurship Award

The Entrepreneurship workshop provides the ability for small innovative companies to pitch their ideas for the next big thing in robotics to a panel of technology investment experts. Entrants stand the chance to gain valuable skills in how to pitch an investment idea together with the potential to gain interest in their company from the investment community.


Call for participants: ERF Entrepreneurship Award 2022 – extended application deadline 19th April 2022 9 May 2022

We invite all entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs in the robotics field to join the competition for the prestigious ERF Entrepreneurship Award.

The euRobotics Entrepreneurship Award is given out each year at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) to the most promising robotic start-up as judged by a jury of robotic entrepreneurship pioneers and experts.

Entrants to the competition stand the chance to gain interest in their company from the robotics and investment community. The 2022 edition of the Entrepreneurship Award will take place as part of the European Robotics Forum 2021, 28th – 30th June 2022:

Benefits from participation

Five participants will be selected as Finalists and have ERF attendance paid for one person. The Finalists will pitch in the open Entrepreneurship Award workshop along with a robotic entrepreneurship role model and will receive a Finalists diploma and recognition in ERF and euRobotics social media.

For the 1st placed participant a cash price of € 2.500 is awarded.

All qualified entrants will receive feedback on their pitch and project from the screening committee and an offer of a further 5 hours of counselling from European level robotic entrepreneurship experts.

The Entrepreneurship Award winner will additionally receive extended coverage on ERF social media and recognition in ERF public promotion materials and in a press release and an ERF Entrepreneurship Award winner diploma.


This event is sponsored by euRobotics aisbl, Odense Robotics, Fundingbox the WeldGalaxy Programme. Announcements of more sponsors are expected.

Time of workshop

The Finalists workshop is planned to take place on 29th June, 11:40 – 13:00 and will be an open event to all registered attendees of the European Robotics Forum.


The award process is initiated with a round of private pitching and discussion sessions at which the 20 best entrants are invited to individually pitch their ideas to a panel of expert robotic entrepreneurship coaches.

These sessions will be scheduled as online meetings ahead of ERF during mid-May 2022 and will involve each selected entrant pitching in a 10-minute slot.

The online sessions will result in five entrepreneurs going forward to the ERF Entrepreneurship Award workshop – the five finalists will do a public pitch in front of a jury of robotics entrepreneurship role models and experts. This jury will then consider the presentations and declare a winner of the Entrepreneurship Award during ERF.

The number of entrants will be restricted to a maximum of 20. The organizers team supported by some of the coaches will select the 20 most promising or innovative ideas based on the application.

Only one person per finalist will be subsidized to join the ERF event. The support is given as a flat rate contribution to travel and accommodation of € 500 per finalist and as one ticket to ERF including the ERF banquet.

In order to address the confidentiality issue, it is suggested that presentations be kept to information you are happy to be in the public domain.

If there is any information that you feel is essential to your presentation, but you do not want to be fully public then this can be discussed with the coaching committee during the first sessions, but no NDA’s will be signed by the coaches.

Coaching committee, jury and role models

Qualified entrants will be followed by a team of expert coaches, that are also open for follow up counselling after ERF. Robotic entrepreneurship role models and experts will form the jury and could give specific input and assistance in the further development of your investment pitch and your company.


Troels Oliver Vilms Pedersen, Danish Technological Institute,

Jon Agirre Ibarbia, Tecnalia,



How can participants contribute to, and prepare for, the workshop?

The participants are expected to have already developed an idea for a product or service and done some background work in researching the marketplace in which it could be exploited. Entries can be both individuals who have not yet established a company or teams with established companies and proof-of-technology, but without sales and turnover yet.

Judging parameters

Entrants will be coached and judged based on these parameters:

* Market position
* Product technology
* Scalability
* Team
* Roadmap

Participating and coaching

Interested participants must submit an application as an email with the following content:

  1. Contact details (Name, company/affiliation, email, phone number – you must include ALL these informations)
  2. Year of establishment of the company/initiation of the project
  3. A presentation/your current pitch as attachment in .pptx or similar format


Application is to be send by 23:00 CET on 19th April 2022 9 May 2022 to the following email address:

Call for workshops

Call for WS Proposals ERF2022
Deadline expired

On behalf of the ERF Program Committee, we invite you to submit your workshop for the 14th edition of the European Robotics Forum, to be held from 22 – 24 March, 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


The European Robotics Forum is the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, spanning academia, industry and society. It aims to foster communication and knowledge transfer and covers technology, application and impact of robotics. The ERF provides a podium to discuss recent and future advances in robotics in context of applications, societal impact, ethical and legal considerations. Robotics includes classical aspects such as mechatronics, control, perception and cognition as well as current themes like AI and data in relation to robotics.

Please read the following text carefully, as several elements for the forum set-up are changed in comparison to previous physical editions.

A-status and B-status workshops

Due to growing numbers of submitted workshops for the European Robotics Forum and the feedback we received from our participants to reduce the number of workshops within the program, and strive for higher quality and more interaction within the workshops, the Program Committee decided to redefine the call for workshops.

There will be a classification of workshops done by the Program Committee after the WS proposal is received.

  • Selections will be done based on the criteria below soon after the submission deadline. There is no guarantee that late submissions will be considered
  • Priority will be given to workshops that satisfy the criteria for A status workshops
  • Please note that free ERF 2022 registration tickets for WS proposers and contributors are only available via existing  euRobotics membership, ERF 2022 sponsoring packages or as support for Topic Groups. No free tickets will be made available in any other way or for any other purpose
  • euRobotics Topic Group-driven workshops that are categorized as A-status can get support in form of up to 2 free tickets per Topic Group to bring in people who would normally not attend ERF (e.g. people not working directly in robotics but bringing value when involved). The request for free tickets should be stated in the application form, mentioning the people to be invited and the motivation
A-Status Workshops Criteria (deadine has expired)B-Status Workshops Criteria (deadine has expired)

Specific, action-oriented purpose and an aim to generate concrete answers/clear expected outcome to current problems in the field

No specific criteria related to purpose and aim

Strong focus on new and/or emerging and/or strategic topics as well as those reflecting current areas of community interest *

All topics related to robotics, including related fields such as Data and AI

Proposers must define the full contents of the workshop, including a  full marketing text, a clear workshop agenda and confirmed contributors  to the WS

Proposers can submit a workshop proposal which has not fully defined content and contributors

The structure of the workshop is pre-defined, highly interactive and includes for example discussions, Q&A, and/or panel sessions to facilitate a lively exchange of ideas among the attendees

The structure of workshops is not defined (yet) and workshops are less formal

Workshops have a balanced representation of industrial and/or academic contributors, and/or involve end-users, representatives of finance, policy, etc. as appropriate

No specific criteria related to representation of different target groups

Proposers are obliged to attend the WS organizers meeting  that will be held online on 21 October 2021 from 16.00 – 17.00 (more details will follow later)

Proposers are advised to follow the WS organizers meeting  that will be held online on 21 October 2021 from 16.00 – 17.00 (more details will follow later)

Proposers are obliged to submit Workshop proposal before deadline of 24 September, 2021

Proposers are advised to submit Workshop proposal before deadline of 30 September, 2021 (acceptance based on availability within the schedule)

A-Status Workshops will gain extra visibility within the program (15 October first preliminary program draft available online)

No extra exposure for B-Status workshops within the program

A-Status TG workshops can apply for 2 free tickets for speakers

No free tickets are available for speakers

Please note that a call for a scientific track will be sent out and available online soon. More information about this call can be requested at

*Topic areas for A-Status Workshops

We encourage the European Robotics community to submit workshop proposals to address new, emerging, and strategic topics as well as those reflecting current areas of community interest in robotics:

  • AI in Robotics 
  • Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics
  • Societal Impact and Ethical implications of Robotics 
  • Cybersecurity in Robotics
  • Regulation and Standardization for Robotics and AI
  • Control technology including virtualisation and edge/cloud

Please note that subjects like end-user challenges, education and training, regulations and policies, etc. are all possible under these main topic areas (for instance: Education and Training in Collaborative Robotics; Regulations for AI in Robotics, etc.). 

Please note that other topic areas are not excluded from A status! The above list only serves as a priority list based on community input, and we encourage the community to submit workshop proposals within these main topic areas.

Proposal submission

  • Workshop proposals should be submitted via an online form, according to the instructions available at the ERF 2022 & euRobotics websites:
  • The Deadline for WS applications is 24 September, 2021 
  • Feedback to WS proposers and potential revision / merge requests for similar WS proposals will be between 4 October and 15 October, 2021