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ERF 2021 goes virtual,
the ERF in Rotterdam will be postponed to 2022

Due to growing concerns over the coronavirus, and with the well-being of attendees, partners and staff as the number one priority, the euRobotics Board and local organising committee of ERF2021 decided to go virtual and postponing a physical ERF in Rotterdam by one year.  This was considered as the only responsible course of action at this time.euRobotics Board and staff are exploring the best way to keep alive the spirit of the forum including the interaction and networking opportunities, even if there is no common place to physically meet next year in March.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the virtual event next year and seeing you face-to face again in 2022 in Rotterdam.

For information about the ‘ERF2021 goes digital’ visit, https://www.eu-robotics.net/robotics_forum/

Background ERF

The European Robotics Forum, the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 23-25 March 2021, at the World Trade Center. Over 1000 European robotics top experts are expected to attend the 12th edition of the conference.

ERF2021 will host a major exhibition where companies, universities and research institutes showcase the most advanced European prototypes, products, services and projects funded under EU’s Horizon 2021 research programme.

Scope ERF2022

Still under construction

Committee ERF2022


Stefano Stramigioli received the M.Sc. with honors (cum laude) in 1992 from the University of Bologn and the Ph.D with honors (cum laude) from the Delft University of Technology in 1998. Since then he has been faculty member and he is currently full professor of Advanced Robotics and chair of the Robotics and Mechatronics Lab of the University of Twente.

He has been an officer of IEEE Robotics and Automation for many years and he is a IEEE Fellow. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Springer Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics and he has been the Editor in Chief of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine. He has been an AdCom member for IEEE RAS and Vice President for Membership of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society for two consecutive terms. He is currently the Vice President for Research of euRobotics, the association also representing the private side of the PPP called SPARC with the European Commission, the biggest civil robotic program of the world (2.7 bE).
He has been a member of the ESA Topical Team on Dynamics of Prehension in Micro-gravity and its application to Robotics and Prosthetics. He is involved in different projects related to Medical Robotics, Inspection and services and more. Among others, he has been the recipient of the ERF tech-transfer award 2006 with the project Robird together with Clear Flight Solutions, the IEEE RAL best paper award 2017 and the Hamlyn awards for best design and video in 2016 and 2017.


Jan Broenink is Associate Professor of Embedded Control Systems at the Robotics and Mechatronics group of the faculty EEMCS at the University of Twente. His current research interests are on cyber-physical systems, embedded control systems (realization of control schemes on mostly networked computers) and software architectures for robotics. For that, he is interested in: model-driven design and meta-modeling of robot software architectures; designing software tools including (co)-simulation; concurrent and systems engineering. Since July 2017 he is chairman of the Robotics and Mechatronics group, together with prof. Stefano Stramigioli.


Inge is an enthusiastic event and project manager that is specialized in organizing and managing both small and large scientific events and projects. With over 15 years of experience, Inge is well-known within the academic environment, High Tech industry and government for her systematic and consistent manner of working, her leadership & planning skills and her extended network. She has longstanding, hands-on expertise in the (Scientific) coordination and project management of large marketing and communication projects such as EU Framework projects.

Inge is equipped with knowledge and skills needed to understand the purpose of your event or project and is responsible to coordinate all the details efficiently and effectively to best support that purpose. Inge is a connector ‘pur sang’, who likes to make sure that content and implementation within events and projects are aligned to the max.


Nico is an entrepreneur with an original background in Applied Physics. He founded his first high tech company, Clear Flight Solutions, in 2012 and among other things he co-initiated the Space53 Foundation in 2015.

Nowadays, next to his direct involvement in several companies, he is mainly active in coaching new high-tech spin-offs of the University of Twente, and leads the Thematic Technology Transfer Smart Systems program of the 4TU federation and TNO. 


Iddo is business director at the Digital Society Institute (former CTIT) of the University of Twente (UT), one of the largest academic IT research institutes in Europe with over 450 researchers working together on present-day technological, economic and social challenges. Since 2017, Iddo is also program manager for all robotics activities at the UT, with participation of technical groups (electrical & mechanical engineering, computer science) and groups from behavioral, management and social sciences (ethics, philosophy, legislation). Being responsible for the knowledge transfer activities of the institute, Iddo is heavily involved in the creation of high-tech spin-off companies. He is member of the Advisory Board of Technology Circle Twente, a network of more than 190 high-tech SMEs.

Next to his main job, Iddo was Business Director at DesignLab Twente, a creative and cross-disciplinary ecosystem connecting science and society through design. As one of the initiators of EIT Digital, Iddo was responsable for setting-up it’s action line New Business Creation. Iddo was also business director of the consortium BrainGain (Brain-Computer Interfaces).

Prior to these positions, Iddo was business director at the UT Institute for Biomedical Technology (nowadays TechMed Center). During this period, he coordinated several EU research networks with participants from universities, industry and health care providers. Iddo also worked with the Dutch multinational firm DSM: first as leader of the agro-biotechnology research group and later as market research & business development manager in the fine-chemicals and performance chemicals domain.

Iddo has a master’s degree in Molecular Genetics with a minor in Bioprocess Technology and Biochemistry from the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. His M.Sc. internship resulted in an approved patent application by the Unilever Research Laboratory.


Organizing a conference or scientific event, whether small or large, requires months and sometimes years of planning. From setting goals and strategy for the event, pointing out the stakeholders, to securing a venue and promoting the event, there’s a lot to prepare to ensure that the event or conference runs smoothly and serves its purpose for attendees, vendors, sponsors and most of all our client.

Lucienne is equipped with knowledge and skills needed to understand the purpose of your event and is responsible to coordinate all the details of your meeting efficiently and effectively to best support that purpose.

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